Wednesday, March 5, 2008

2008 Los Angeles Gin Family Spring Banquet

(L-R)VP-Frank Yan,President Jimmy Gin, Past President Loy Gin, English Secretary Bob Gin and VP-San Francisco Dr. Hal Gin

Hello Everyone,

Update from Los Angeles, CA --- 3/4/08
The GIN FAMILY BANQUET held at Los Angeles Chinatown's Empress Pavilion was a success! We were honored again this year to have Mr. William Yan be the MC of the festivities! Yeah! Thanks to all those who were able to attend this year's event. 25 tables meant there were 250 GINS from the Southern California Area and our Special out of town guests from San Francisco- This year's President of the Gin Sun Hall Benevolent Association- Mr. Ting Zhen , Vice-President and his wife Dr. Hal Gin and Mrs. Rose Gin.
This year's highlight was a SPECIAL PRESIDENTIAL RECOGNITION to the Past Association Presidents, for their dedication and hard work to the Association. President Jimmy Gin and Vice-President Frank Yan presented each award to the recipients.The beautiful wooden pen/pencil set were engraved with both Chinese and English Names of the Presidents.
Bob and Diane Gin continued to do a fantastic raffle giveaway!
The BIG Raffle was a 32 inch monitor and lucky winner was Susie Yan!!!

Other raffles included: Canon Digital camera, Izod polo shirts, pen sets, dvd player, NBC Universal's "Heroes-Season 1 dvd set", beautiful designer belts, George Foreman BBQ indoor grill, Shell gas cards, and more....The younger Gins (ages1-5) won 4 SpongeBOB Squarepants plush toy.
Thank you to all the PLANNING COMMITTEE-- Frank Yan, Katie Yan, Bob Gin, Diane Gin, Dale Gin, Rose Gin, Auntie Lila and Auntie Mei.

Thanks to all the Gin Family relatives/friends and guests - we are continuing to make the Gin Family Association the best it can be. We welcome all suggestions and comments to help us. I personally welcome each of you to become a member to our Family Association here in Los Angeles.
Go to our blog site to see more photos.
also don't forget to look at our GIN FAMILY WEBSITE:

Jimmy Gin
NBC 818-840-4230

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