Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Study Tour in Beijing, China 2007

Garrett and his classmates from Castelar School in Los Angeles Chinatown tours China for 10 days. The School in Beijing that is hosting is Shuren-Ribet Private School. Students will have 5 classes a day- Some of the subjects are Chinese, Chinese painting, Calligraphy, Chinese Dance and Martial arts. But its not just academic the students will be able to tour Tinanmen Square and Imperial Palace and also climb the Great Wall. Looking forward to have Garrett tell us about his experiences in later blogs.
Information provided by Garrett's father-Gary (my nephew) 4/3/07

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jedigin02 said...

Wow! Nice site Dad. Did you make it all by yourself? Now get back to work. Those tv's need watching! =)

#2 Son